"I've been fortunate to work with incredible people, from whom I've learned a lot and collaborated in a professional environment to work on innovative solutions and products. I'll be eternally grateful to them for all the good things they added to me as a professional and specially to those who took some of their precious time to write down some reference/testimonial for me."

- Asiel Leal Celdeiro

Image of Leandro Roura Sixto

"Asiel is the kind of professional who is never satisfied with the knowledge he possesses: he always is looking for ways to keep outdoing and involve the team in the process. I like this quality in a team member. He is the teammate that any team must have. During the period we worked together, he was one of the members of the team that always behaved with autonomy and collaborated with the solutions to various challenges."

- Leandro Roura Sixto , LinkedIn

Image of Eduardo Eljaiek Rodriguez

"I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Asiel. I had the pleasure of working with him about two years at ISA, collaborating on two projects SIP and MiRecibo. Asiel is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking team leader but also an inspiring team player. As a team member or a leader, Asiel earns my highest recommendation."

- Eduardo Eljaiek Rodriguez , LinkedIn

Image of Carlo Carlo Lizano

"Developer senior en tecnologías JavaScript, seriedad, eficiencia y calidad garantizada. Dominio de inglés y tecnologías, alta responsabilidad, muy recomendable, excelente profesional! Un gustazo trabajar con Asiel."

- Carlo Carlo Lizano , LinkedIn

Image of Yuned Rivero Guerra

"Asiel es un excelente compañero de trabajo; se integra super bien a los equipos de trabajo y siempre está dispuesto a colaborar ante cualquier situación. Un ingeniero informático muy capaz y está siempre en constante superación de sus conocimientos. Es un placer haber trabajado en el mismo equipo, ya que logramos excelentes resultados siempre."

- Yuned Rivero Guerra , LinkedIn

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